Chuck Season 4 On DVD

In episode 18 of Chuck: The Complete Fourth Season, Sarah worries that the CIA is replacing them with Casey’s extremely efficient team, but Chuck considers himself irreplaceable with the Intersect. Have you ever felt like you were in jeopardy of being replaced? Has there ever been a time where you have been made to feel outdated?

I’ve definitely felt that I was in jeopardy of being replaced at various times in my life. In any job, it’s nice to think that you are irreplacable, but the truth is that everyone is replaceable. There will always be someone just as efficient and capable (or maybe more so) and ready to swoop in to take your spot.

Fortunately for all of us Chuck fans, the show really is irreplaceable. But the good news is you now can watch it whenever you want! In season four, the geek gone spy is putting everything on the line, available for pre-order here:

I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord division to raise awareness for Chuck: The Complete Fourth Season on DVD/Blu-Ray.

Weekend Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

I am giving away a $5 Amazon gift card this weekend to a lucky reader as a little thank you to my Facebook fans.

How to enter: Easy entry — just leave a comment on any other post on my blog. Each person can leave up to 3 comments, but they must be on different posts. You can go to my homepage or to the giveaways page for easy access to all my posts. Be sure to leave your email address too so I can get in touch with you if you’re the winner.

I will choose and announce the winner on Monday morning. Good luck!

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