Blog Giveaways 101: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Blog Giveaways

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How To Enter Blog Giveaways


How To Win Blog Giveaways


Why You Should Enter Blog Giveaways


What You’ll Need To Enter Blog Giveaways

Note: These are common entries you’ll see on blog giveaways. Having profiles set up on as many different social media accounts as possible will definitely help you earn extra entries into giveaways, but it is by no means a requirement.


Where To Find Blog Giveaways


BLOGS – the following blogs regularly host giveaways

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Do you enter blog giveaways? What are your favorite tips for how to enter and win?

31 thoughts on “Blog Giveaways 101: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Blog Giveaways

  1. Thank you for this list. I am going to go through and read some of these because I really enjoy entering giveaways and would love to find out some more information about them. Thanks again for this wonderful information.

  2. I love this information. Thanks so much for sharing!! I’m definitely going to save this page for further reference.

  3. I love this post! I am new to all of this and this is very helpful. One thing I was wondering is how does announcing the winner work? Can we always go back to the giveaway post to see the winner posted? And how long does it typically take from the end of a giveaway to a winner being chosen?

  4. Thanks! love the page! very informative. I have just stumbled on 1 giveaway and then i got addicted to joining. Wish for more Worldwide giveaways. =)
    Is it okay to use an email address other than the email address for the Amazon and Paypal account? or they will email the winner and ask for their email address for Paypal/Amazon? I have created a different email add/facebook account for the giveaways. There is a lot of pages to likes and comment from the requirements and my wall has been bombarded with the updates regarding my posts and likes, to give a little privacy =) thanks and God bless

  5. WOW!!! What a fantastic post! I so wish I had encountered this page when I first started entering blog giveaways. Even so, I still found some great tips. I will definitely be saving this page to send to others that are not sure about how to enter. Thanks for such an informative post!

  6. What great info. Anything you could ever want to know about a blog giveaway all in one place. Awesome post.

  7. Thank you, for this. I hope I can figure out what GFC is. I know I will learn a lot from here. Hope I win something someday! 😀

  8. Thanks so much for this list – the how to enter and the free downloads like Texter were so helpful!

  9. THANK YOU!! I’ve been doing giveaways from blogs and also from large corporations for about six months now. So far it’s definitely been worth my time… but I know I still have a lot to learn.

    It’s something I enjoy doing, I find out about new products and companies, and I get fun surprises in the mail. Today it was a spring makeup set from PUR Minerals (I entered their iPad giveaway that ended recently and I was a runner-up).

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