Listen to Paramore’s New Single, Monster

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I’m going to take a quick pop culture break here. I’m supposed to be in bed already, but I’ve got monsters on the brain because…

Paramore just posted the audio to their new single, Monster, on Youtube!

Paramore’s song ‘Monster’ from Transformers: Dark Of The Moon – the album featuring music inspired by the upcoming film, Transformers: Dark Of The Moon – in theaters June 29th! The single is available on iTunes June 7th and the album is available June 14th.

Visit for more information!

What do you think? I personally can’t wait for the new album! Paramore is one of my favorite bands and one of the few that sounds even better live. <3

5 thoughts on “Listen to Paramore’s New Single, Monster

  1. following you via the manic monday hop. i can't find your manic monday entry + found this, am a fan of transformers + i'd love to hear this new song by paramore…have a great week ahead 😉

  2. Paramore is the BEST!!  One of those bands..where you download the album and EVERY song is good!

  3. Hi Laura! Thanks for the follow. I wasn't able to find your blog's link to follow you back, but I'd love to follow you back! =)

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